Film + Justin Gomes

Justin Bio Pic

Giving the world a new class of artist is a promise Justin Gomes has kept for the entire duration of his early life. The ability to capture visuals and display them for the world to see was something Justin possessed from a young age. Born in Connecticut but raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Justin studied animated art and cartooning as well as broadcasting at Barnstable High School. His connection to the arts allowed him to pursue a path in music as he ventured to Fort Lauderdale, FL, a few months after he graduated in 2004. After a few years of creating music as part of the band “The Seeds of Evolution,” Justin was able to film numerous videos for the band as well as create all of the graphic design elements required for the success of the musical ensemble. Justin went on to graduate with a degree in Digital Cinematography through Full Sail University. Trained in the arts of screenwriting, directing, editing and producing, Justin holds up the film and video departments of A Thousand Words Productions. Justin has worked on shows such as Steven Soderbergh’s  “Mosaic,” The Pac-12 Networks  “The Drive,” and L.A based show Crime watch. He has also worked with “The NBA Cares” and “Fox Sports”. He has constructed a visual campaign for the musical group Land of Machines, and he has started production on his Mini-Series  “School of Athens.”

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